Archers and Pasties

By May 4, 2002One Comment

There’s nothing better than arriving at a pub, buying a drink and winning a prize. Well, there probably is, but not for the purpose of this story. You see, Nick, Michelle and I got a winning ticket with a bottle of Archers last night, and won a camera, which was nice. What was even nicer was the picture the Archers ‘crew’ (wicked, nice one, sorted) took of us, specially for the Archers website! Expect our grinning mugs on the Archers website in days…

I must just mention the walk home from the pub too. We stopped at a service station to get some food, and Nick spied a tasty-looking pasty on the shelf. Bringing it eagerly to the counter, he produced his wallet. The assistant looked bemused. He looked at Nick, looked and the small pasty, and then back to Nick again. Long moments passed, and the oligatory tumbleweed skitted idly past. “Are you aware,” said the assistant in utter astonishment, “that the pasty is ?2.29?” Nick tried slurring something back, but failed. So I piped up, “Christ Almighty, that’s a lot”, which rather neatly summed up the entire shop’s feelings. “Yes”, replied the assistant. “Yes, well, I’d like to buy it” replied Nick, to the astonishment of everyone, before turning to me and muttering, “Haven’t got ?2.29 on you, have you mate?”
So, I bought the most expensive pasty you could ever wish to set eyes upon, and didn’t even get a bite. Well done me.

One Comment

  • cairli says:

    ?2.29???? Such a humanitarian you are. Did Nick at least tell you that it was the absolute best pasty he’s ever had on earth??? I know the ones my husband and I got in Coventry Garden weren’t cheap, either, but sheesh.Oh, and yes. I’m nobody. Random blogging. 🙂 Happy weekdays.

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