Car Bill

By May 9, 20023 Comments

I should have known when the car mechanic who had just phoned took a sharp intake of breath. “Well,” he said, “you basically need new brakeshoes and retaining spring, new front brake discs and pads, a new handbrake cable,” (christ) “new exhaust, new plugleads,” (good god) “new camcover gasket and oil seal, and of course the 80,000 service. ?900, all in, plus VAT, needless to say.” (Jesus).
I swore frequently during his long list, and started feeling a little light headed, swaying to and fro in the breeze.
Picking myself off the floor, I began to assess my options. It was a right humdinger for a Wednesday afternoon – Either I pay ?900 + VAT for a service on a car which in reality had 100,000 miles on the clock, and will probably find another way to lighten my wallet fairly soon, or I buy a new car. Hmmm.

I pick up my spanking new car on Wednesday. A Peugeot 306, still but a new dark green 2 litre XSI version with alloy wheel, air conditioning and a cd player. Oh JOY! Now, just the ?300 to get the old car mobile to part exchange it, and the ?200 a month for the new one…


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