Wedding Diary – In the Beginning…

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Anéis | RingsWeddings are big things to organise, especially when you’re not one of the lucky blighters that can afford wedding planners. And when you’re a man with the organisational skills of a worm (that’s me I’m talking about, folks), it’s a tough nut to crack.
There’s no best way to do it. There’s no definitive guide, despite the shelves of books in WHSmith devoted to the event. There’s hardly ever someone you can ask every little question to. So, I’m going to write a few posts, each with a different wedding planning subject and telling you what went right, what went wrong, and what to look out for. It’ll take in most things that we’ve come across in our journey to the altar, in the hope that someone like me finds it in the future and thanks his or her lucky stars.
It will probably have a male-based perspective – I am a male-based person – but if there are any gems of advice I dole out, they will probably be for everyone to think on. Of course, it may be that we get things spectacularly wrong, and we’ll look back on these posts and laugh. Or cry.
Feel free to keep coming back to this post, as I’ll be using it as some sort of useful index thing.

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Wedding Diary – Index

0. In the Beginning (this post)
1. Setting the Scene

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