Getting Hitched

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Unique Tipsy Topsy Fantasy CakeI’m getting married. Have I told you?

Come the end of April, Michelle and I will have got hitched, and will be sunning ourselves many thousands of miles away.

8 years ago, over Sunday lunch in a mutual friend’s house, Michelle and I clapped eyes on each other.¬† We met over a crowded roast, you could say. If we’re both honest, the memories are a little hazy – mine mainly due to the previous night’s excesses in Cinderella’s nightclub, Guildford (It’s now Time nightclub, but still no better…). Our good, now long-lost, friend Alex de la Salle hosted the event, and I was coming to the end of a year of cutting loose after a 3 1/2 year relationship. I saw more of her twin sister Becki at first, going for drinks as friends in the bars of Guildford – but after I made sneaky trip to Bristol, where Michelle was working for a bit, we started going out. It was tricky for me at first – I had no intention of having to go through the heartbreak of breaking up again, so my solution was to avoid relationships in the first place. But Michelle… well, I’ll leave the slushy stuff for the wedding speech, but suffice to say she changed my mind.

We’re getting married locally in Worplesdon, having a bash with around 160 people in a local venue before jetting off for a well earned rest. And it is well-earned too – I had no idea of the amount of small things you need to plan to get everything to go smoothly. Now I see why there are wedding planners available to hire. And in order to stump up the wedding cash, I’m building 3 websites and ramping up publicity on my website Wiredfusion. It’s all a bit of a whirlwind – Michelle and I worked out we have no free weekends at all until after the wedding.

(Shameless plug – you can donate to our honeymoon¬† at our special Simon and Michelle’s Wedding Donation website if you feel that way inclined…!)

The wedding day will, I’m sure, be awesome. The lead up to it? Not so much…

One Comment

  • Melissa CW says:

    Brilliant news – you both well deserve a good spell basking in the sun. Hope it all goes smoothly and look forward to seeing the photos!

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