In search of the Sheriff

By January 18, 2009February 11th, 2009No Comments

Sheriff of NottinghamIt’s Sunday evening, and I’m in Nottingham. The rain is gently pattering on the window, the Pizza Hut sign is faintly visible across the road, and I’m catching up on *stuff*.

This is the second of my four half-week stints in Nottingham. Sometimes, my day job takes me to interesting places – Dublin, Shannon, Munich, Zurich and Edinburgh, for example. In fact, in one memorable 4 day trip I took in all of those cities except Zurich. Sometimes, however, it’s a small hotel in Nottingham. My trip last week consisted of freezing weather, rubbish restaurants and an interesting episode where I found a human hair in a battered onion ring. I’ll pause here for you to take that last horror in.

Still, it gives me time to catch up on my “other” job, namely being an online geek. I currently have a small plethora of websites on the go at the moment, and it seems to be growing every month. It’s a nice little sideline, and one which has recently put me on the BBC! Fun.

The rain is now gathering pace, and I have a meal to eat. I’m sure after that, I’ll find some more geekery to perform…

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