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There seem to be a load of US websites popping up giving website visitors free SMS text messages. Hell, even Google’s at it. But what about us Brits? Here’s a list of the current websites supporting free text messaging.

GizmoSMS –
SMS to over 20 countries. Part of GizmoProject.

Kazooii –
SMS to the UK, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Iran, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries.

Wadja –
Wadja is a mobile web, media and social messaging service, managing your communication and interaction from trusted sources (friends, family and address book contacts). Requires registration.

Bloove –
Goes further than other providers, allowing full web-based mobile phone management. Requires registration.


  • James Martin says:

    A mention of txtlocal ( should be made. It is not free (well, the first 10 messages are) – but it is very low cost and does not add advertising to the bottom of the texts sent out!!
    Also has email to SMS, SMS to email, free programmers interfaces, short codes, MMS picture messaging and each accoutn comes with a free “big brother” style number and keyword so people can receive messages and grow opt-in lists. Worth a try 🙂

  • rwx says:

    Just some clarification about

    1. It doesn’t allow to send free sms. It allows mobile management via web, but sms is sent via your mobile.

    2. It’s not British site, it’s Russian, Novosibirsk based (yes, yes, Siberia), sorry guys 🙂

  • Sammy says:

    I followed the link on this page to txtparty,co,uk because you said it was free.

    I totally missed the pale grey on white wording on their login page (i had the screen brightness turned up – sunny day .

    Next thing I know I was receiving messages from txt party telling me to use the service – and being charged £2,50 for each one. As soon as I realized thus was happening, I followed the :stop: instructions but the messages kept coming, bottoming my PAYG account.

    Please be aware this service is a pure scam.

    I think the link should be removed from this page but the warning should remain.

    btw, I’ve used cardboardfish and other sites with no problems at all.

    Before I get berated for not reading the warning as I logged in, I have to say in my defence it was nigh invisible at the time and I was in a bit of a panic/hurry as I was trying to send texts to some nutter who had obviously miss-dialled a number and was flooding my very young daughter’s phone with abusive texts using VERY unpleasant language. I didn’t particularly want to respond from a mobile but wanted a free sms gateway, hence my following the free sms gateway link.

    This proved to be an extremely expensive exercise.

  • Wibbler says:

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks for the info. I have removed the offending site!

  • Noran says:

    How can I setup my own web SMS gateway on my windows or Linux machine?

    Basically I want some sort of PCI card which can hold my SIM card. I’m very much successfully by setting up web SMS gateway using my cell phone by following these steps:

    But I want a permanent solution for this purpose, I still wanna use same SIM card but i would like to fix it using a PCI card. Please suggest If i can get such card?

  • Mark says:

    I recon the is the simplest and easiest sms gateway, it doesn’t add any adds to texts and you can send unlimited (no-registration required) text messages. I have used it for last 3 weeks and haven’t received any spam message so far.

  • Passer Bye says: is a good and quick site to send free sms’s. 5 every day not bad.

  • Bumcakes says:

    I just did the same thing with txparty and i have no credit to send STOP to the number given, the site says the number given is invalid so i emailed them and told them to immediately discontinue my registration to the site.
    I never ever but credit so i’m not sure how they’re gunna charge me?
    I was wondering if anyone else knows or anything more i can do to stop this because i really don’t want to be subscribed to this scam…

    Any advice would be great, thank you.

  • John Parkin says:

    I found another one (, it’s not free but again it doesn’t have the advertising at the bottom and it’s completely scaleable. The cool thing is it integrates Twitter texting so you can do text to twitter and twitter to text. Plus you can send out bulk mails to groups of friends or your customers. I’d never seen that before. Mobile marketing is taking off in a huge way that’s for sure.


  • Dave Taylor says:

    The site i have been using is and that is free and allows anonymous texts. hope this helps

  • Andy says:

    Beware of www, (mentioned in a post above)
    It refers you to for T&C
    Here you find out that recipients have to pay £5 to read the message.
    ie, scam.

  • benny says:

    My favorite site is it’s very easy to use.

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