Alison Richard memorial cancelled

By April 20, 20084 Comments

Sadly, word has reached me that Alison’s planned memorial service in London has been cancelled. It is immensely sad that this is the case.
Alison’s brother Alan has put some further thoughts here:
“I thought the funeral was a wonderful send off to Alison, who incidentally was not a strongly religious person, and the Obituaries (thanks Jeremy) was another recognition of her achievements. I think that it is better now to leave her to rest in peace.
It is possible I shall turn up outside the church in case anyone has not been notified and take them off for a drink and/or a bite to eat in Alison’s memory.”


  • Jo Fennell says:

    I’m really sad to hear this news. I didn’t come to Alison’s funeral as was told it was to be family only, so am sorry that I won’t have the opportunity to pay her my respects. I would have thought she would have liked to bring together all her friends, family and colleagues to celebrate her life – if not with a big, expensive party, then at least with some sort of memorial of which the costs would be minimal. I am sad that I won’t get a chance to formally bid Alison my thanks and farewell.

  • Darren Ensor says:

    I too am deeply saddened that there will be no memorial service,like the lady above,i believed the family service would be respectfully kept private and the memorial for colleagues and friends who wanted to pay their respects and tributes-i do hope that the relative who is dealing with Alison’s affairs may have a change of heart.

  • christian taylor says:

    I agree with both the respondees above-it really would be a beautiful occasion to mark this superb and wonderful lady–not least an opportunity to raise further funds for her beloved unicef with a collection at a service-
    I agree i hope that the person dealing with Alison’s business affairs after her sad demise will think again.

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