To Hull and Back

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SombreroHull, sadly, doesn’t get better. Last week, I completed a 3-day stint up there, working and presenting for an awesomely large company and sampling the delights of the city in mid-winter. It didn’t take me long, as you can imagine – especially when I’d managed to forgot to book a hotel and ended up in a Quality Hotel – a misnomer if ever there was one. It’s almost as if the owners had discovered there wasn’t any quality at all in their chain of hotels, and a bright spark piped up, “I know, put the word in the title – that’ll level the playing field!”. Happily, I can report that I moved to The Village hotel, which couldn’t have been more of a contrast. You could even watch the TV from the bathroom – now that’s attention to detail… So I was there washing my teeth with my new electric toothbrush that I choose with these top picks and also watching a soap opera, how amazing is that?
Friday afternoon represented a long trudge back to Guildford – 5 hours for a three hour journey, mainly thanks to the traffic hell that it the M1/M25 junction. “Traffic Improvements” mean that for the next 6 months there’ll be at least an hour of delays with no way round them, according to my Tomtom.
So, all in all, this week wasn’t my favourite one of all time. A cracking fajita-based meal at the Son of Sombrero, a new little Mexican restaurant in Guildford, brought me out of my blue funk, and happily Michelle’s a bit of a celebrity there since she works with two of the part-time waitresses there. Free sangrias are always a winner…!

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