Heaven is triangular-shaped.

By January 19, 20055 Comments

This afternoon, heaven has arrived in our office, in the form of a 4KG Toblerone bar. The sheer scale of it is immense, and so overwhelmed its owner that it’s been standing unattended since its arrival, a focal point for all who pass.
It has 22,673 calories, and 2,340g of fat. It is simply superb.
Rest assured I have already ordered my own, and I suggest you do too, from Woolworths Online.


  • dollypops@02.co.uk says:

    I don’t believe it!!.. Why? Because it only looks the length of your keyboard, which in fact is not very large – Toblerone-wise. Have you weighed it to make sure they are not making “mountains” out of “mole hills” – Switzerland? Mountains? Get it?

  • I got one of them for christmas and it is the mother of all choclate bars. Its still Going and winning

  • Jac says:

    it may only be the length of the keyboard, but it’s the sheer weight of it you see dollypops. You are clearly nuts. Toblerone? Nuts? Get it?

  • dollypops@02.co.uk says:

    So, how high is it (was it) at its highest point so I can visualise it – or do I have to go to Woolworths? Has it all been eaten yet, Wibbler?

  • Wibbler says:

    I can see there is skepticism. I have one other picture of it standing roughly 3 foot high. Here it is.

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