Resigning – The Aftermath

By April 22, 20043 Comments

There’s not a lot of positive things you can say to the company you’re leaving. Sure you’ve enjoyed working there, the people are great – but the very fact that you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and chosen the other company, can’t be explained away in any easy terms.
Yesterday saw my weekly visit to head office, and I was fully expecting a barrage of abuse from certain quarters. True to form though, most of the colleagues up there were very supportive, and really made me aware how much of a “family” the company is – hell, I spend more waking hours with The Pier than I do at home.
The rest of the office was told this morning – lead balloons all round. I think everyone’s heard – and the heartwarming messages that are come back through chat and email are very supportive. It’s nice to be missed…


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