Out Of Their Own Mouths

By March 16, 2004One Comment

After my Hutton Inquiry rants a couple of months ago, politics was politely requested to leave wibbler.com by a few well-respected readers. So, rather than ranting again so soon, a few self-explanatory Iraq-based links to play around with:
– Read the following quote: “I have no ambition whatsoever to use [national security] as a political issue.” President Bush, 23rd January 2002
– Watch Donald Rumsfeld in a spot of bother (1MB video). I guess somehow he thought they wouldn’t have any quotes of his on hand…
– Keep for reference this extensive PDF report on Iraq political statements since the beginning of the present troubles (or search this online database).
– Last but certainly not least, note the title of this Bill trying to get through American Congress.
Disclaimer: Please note no opinion was offered in the making of this post.

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