Uncle Enzo

By January 4, 20042 Comments

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”
Tupac Shakur
It’s not often I remember my dreams.
But yesterday morning’s was particularly vivid. I had gone to a house in the country. My Italian cousin Sara was there – we were playing catch, as I remember. It was a sunny day and we were outside in a field. And then my uncle Enzo, a kindly Italian man, walked in to the room, a room that suddenly appeared out of nowhere – as they do in dreams. Behind him was Auntie Cookie, whose nickname stuck when my mum called her Cookie as a child.
And I remember being happy to see them all. They all live in Italy – I don’t have many opportunities to catch up with them, and I was very pleased as I sat down and chatted for a while with my uncle, all about life and what he was doing. Slowly, he faded. I remember waking up, and wondering how they all were.
Uncle Enzo died yesterday morning, after a short fight with cancer.


  • Jac says:

    that is very strange indeed. VERY strange. Sorry to hear about your bad news.

  • Its amasing what the sub-concious and brain can do. Its said we only use 10% of it and if we could harness it we could do many wonderful things. Sometimes when you are most relaxed is when your brain can really interpret everything.
    Sorry to hear of your familys loss.

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