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We left at 6.45 this morning, bound for work. It was early, but Michelle and I needed to negotiate the notorious Hindhead crossroads if I was to get to work by 8am. We were making good time, and the crossroads was remarkably light of traffic. Pleased with my timekeeping, I sped on up the A3.
“Well, chaos on the roads this morning,” the traffic announcer joyfully told me. “The A3 is closed due to a heath fire”, he added helpfully, just as I passed the last turn off point. I joined the back of the queue, smelt the burning wood in the air, and hoped that the fire brigade would pour cold water on the situation.
Three and a half hours later, we were 800 metres further on, and rueing the fact that I hadn’t bought a newspaper. The stranded drivers developed a bunker mentality, discussing in no particular order the weather, the police and the young kids who no doubt started the fire. Still, it did mean I could spend the time paying off ?125 of parking fines (“Ah, Mr Stacpoole, it’s good to hear from you again”) and the rest of my car loan. And enabled me to have a 6 hour working day! 😉

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