Last Weekend

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Once again, my weekend update comes on a depressingly late Tuesday morning. That’s not to say it wasn’t action-packed though – hell no. In fact, it was the busiest I’ve had for a while and my poor, abused body reminded me just how far I am away from being 17.
Friday was a night and a half. Possibly three-quarters. Simon B was playing another storming set with Mike Taylor in Jo Clark’s, a bar in Guildford. Nick, Sarah, myself and, later, Michelle (she was having management knees-up in a restaurant up the road), went along to support, and thankfully the crowd was larger than last week. In fact the Reverend Andrew Keep, a iconic old schoolmaster of Simon, Mike and mine, turned up, and provided hugely camp entertainment for the rest of the evening (“oooh, I haven’t had my dog collar on for seven weeks, I feel strangely liberated”).
Simon B used to work in The Drink, a popular nightclub in the town, and it opened up contacts to some VERY useful people, 4 of which turned up half way through the evening. And like a gaggle of Pied Pipers, they led us first to Time nightclub (ex-“Cinderellas”), and then up to the VIP section of The Drink, all entirely free! A splendid effort. The Reverend was especially pleased to find several actors from Coronation Street having a drink there, and sat down to have a deep conversation with Terry Duckworth.
Saturday was a chance for recovery, but that evening we attended a wedding reception for Michelle’s work colleague. As if punishing me for the alcohol the previous night, my body decided to throw me some 12-hour flu, and that put paid to any embarrassing antics on my part. Although I did meet an old friend who now does the special effects for all the Harry Potter films. He also divulged some particularly juicy gossip about a few old schoolfriends of ours, none of which I can possibly repeat in a family website such as this.
And on Sunday, we had a barbeque at Liz and Paul D’s. Which, predictably, was wonderful. Paul’s Pims cocktail went down a storm, as did my Pottery Camel I bought him for his birthday. Don’t ask.
After this weekend, I’ll have to do some serious sucking up to my liver. I’ll get some orange juice or something, that’ll be a treat for it.

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