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As some of you know, I am primarily in charge of the web and Call Centre systems at a rapidly growing retail company, with a side salad of UK-wide system support. It’s busy.
I booked a holiday back in February for the first week of August. All week. It turns out that a major catalogue release is scheduled for that week, along with the huge launch of the website. These two factors could cause major technical problems.
I’m not a popular man.

One Comment

  • Paul says:

    An idea…cancel your “very expensive, all paid for and no refunds” holiday and get work to pay for it. Moan quietly all week that you should have been on holiday, but sort out all the “terribly difficult” problems that they could not have possibly coped with without you. After probelms are sorted, take your week off.

    You now are seen to be a hard-working, loyal and brilliant employee. AND you’ve got a free holiday.
    Problem sorted.

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