David Kelly – Final Blast

By July 20, 20033 Comments

A lot of conjecture tonight on the David Kelly debacle. My theory’s gaining ground – check out these two threads (one, two) on metafilter, a big discussion forum. If you read those, you’ll note a key fact I discovered – that every time Dr Kelly’s story is mentioned on the television, the BBC use the term “apparent suicide”. Look at the BBC News website too – they say he was “found dead”, and that he “died from a slit wrist”. In fact i’ve just searched the site for “kelly suicide”, and not once does it use the single word “suicide” – “apparent suicide”, yes, and “bled to death”… Very non-committal, and no mention of suicide at all. But it’s been confirmed, hasn’t it? Or do they know something we don’t…
But anyway, avanti, enough. Let everyone else tussle with it. I’m off to find some exceedingly silly links for you all.


  • Jacadee says:

    Hey, you’ve got a point there… saw your link from Metafilter – you’re getting prime time viewing there!

  • steve says:

    Only an inquest can determine whether it was suicide or not. Calling it “suicide” before then would be bad journalism. To suggest that by reporting the facts and no more, the BBC “knows something we don’t” is a complete inversion of the case.

  • Wibbler says:

    Good point, Stephen – I’m glad someone’s actually answering these points…

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