Orange phone upgrade fiasco

By July 13, 20033 Comments

Orange, the phone company 9 out of 10 ex-students prefer, have always been good to me. Cheap, fairly good reception, great customer service…
Well, you can scratch that last one. Michelle upgraded her phone this month to the Samsung A800, and all hell broke loose. First, the new sim card didn’t work. Then Carphone Warehouse and Orange started blaming each other. Then they discovered the phone was faulty. Then the new phone wouldn’t register. Then, after a full 5 days of dithering, and Orange finally helpfully informed us that it was simply a case of registering the sim card. “You should really have been told that 5 days ago, sir…” the man chirpily informed me. My advice to any Orange users – don’t upgrade this month. Their system’s shot to pieces.


  • Jac says:

    Today my phone died. Orange couldn’t help because their systens were down. To be fair, though, they did phone me back later on when they were up and running again. SO, I have a new phone coming my way – the future’s bright…..

  • jodie says:

    orange has totally lost the plot after buying a new phone i tried to call customer services to register it, couldnt get through!
    so i thought i’ll go on the net it’ll be quicker (i so don’t think so) after putting in the url it was telling me this page was not recognised so now i’ve got a phone i cant use!!!!!!!!!!
    the service is totally crap at one point they were helpful prompt and reliable now their just to big for their boots

  • Dan says:

    I agree. I first went to the website, and they told me the servie was down, and I had to call to register.

    So I called, and I couldn’t get through, and I was told to register on the website!


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