Jac’s Grand Prix prize

By July 13, 2003No Comments

Workwise, my good friend Jac has landed, like the proverbial cat, on both feet. After an achingly long time scraping a living in the post-university abyss of job-searching, he landed a graduate role at Renault. A new, free car every 11 months, a steadily increasing salary, courses, trips, everything you could want. he even went on a Positive Thinking course the other day – and now he regularly comes out with wishy-washy positive drivel. “There’s always a bright side”, “but think of the positives”, “every cloud has a silver lining”. Try telling that to Robert Maxwell.
But now, he’s really come up trumps. After entering a Renault competition – a frighteningly easy task of taking pictures of their newly-designed (and highly suspect) Megane. He duly took the thing all the way to Cardiff, took some snaps, brought them back and won first prize – 2 tickets to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Not just any old tickets though. Oh no. Helicopter travel to the ground, Champagne breakfast, meeting the drivers, tour of the track, VIP seating, the whole caboodle. Lucky, lucky tyke. Make sure you take a camera, Jac…

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