New Phone

By February 27, 20033 Comments

So, after its 32nd accidental drop in a year, I’ve upgraded my phone. The poor thing was barely able to keep all it’s broken bits together – the screen was grazed, the battery wobbled, and the next step up, a Nokia 6310i, was looking exceeedingly cheap. I waltzed in to Carphone Warehouse, and met Michelle’s friend the manager, angling for a cheap ‘mate’s rate’ deal. All manner of other phones were on offer, some probably better than the Nokia, but I refused, reminding them that I needed one that fitted my integrated carphone. Replacing that would cost another ?150, and spare money is not in abundance at the moment. So, after a while of comparing, we plumped for the one I originally wanted, and left the building. I was very pleased. I reached my car, jumped in, and slotted it into the carphone holder.
Which, unaccustomed to the new phone, promptly broke.


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