DH’s leaving do, and a Painting Party

By February 7, 2003One Comment

“If I brought it with me, I’ve lost it, and if I didn’t, it’s at home.”
It was at this point that I knew DH was drunk. It was his leaving do last night, and yet again he’d lost his mobile phone. There followed a good night out, dancing oddly and generally ruing the fact that we had to go to work the next day. We’ll miss you DH!
I’ve got a kick up the rear by Paul D, a regular reader, complaining that there’s been nothing recently on here to regularly read. Humble apologies – but this is still the best I can muster. I’ve found in the 2 years that wibbler.com has been going that I have spurts of creativity. It’s escaped me for the past few days, and I think it’s directly proportional to the amount of Coco Pops I have in the morning.
Tonight I’m off to paint Nick M’s to paint his room. It’s currently painted from top to bottom in dark red, and looks like a brothel. Probably. The night will be more fun than it sounds – beer and pizza is being provided, and I’ll have another chance to gawp at his 32″ television again. Lucky tyke.
To top off my working week, Andria (my lucky workmate sitting next door to me) has just mentioned that she “thought the welsh choir had got into bed with me last night.” I didn’t bat an eyelid – I’d put nothing past her. It was several seconds before she explained that is was just her boyfriend snoring…

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