Bananas and Coconuts

By February 7, 20038 Comments

“Did you know,” piped up Zoe, breaking the stony silence in the staff room, “that bananas are an amazing thing?” We didn’t, which was lucky as she then went on to explain all manners of uses for the humble, globally declining fruit. “you can rub them on yourself to cure all sorts of things, cuts, sores, itchy legs, anything.” This was a surprise to us all. “Yes, it can do all sorts of things, a really amazing thing.”
Then silence. We all thought we’d heard the last of Zoe’s facts. Slowly, seconds passed.
Suddenly, Zoe’s face lit up. “But not as amazing as a coconut.”
This latest revelation sent us all into fits of giggles. I always try to go to lunch when she’s there – you learn all sorts of things in an hour. Apparently, coconuts can be used as food AND water, you can make rope from it’s hairy outside bits, and you can do all sorts of other things I can’t remember.
So, there you go. I could say it was a “fruit”-ful lunch hour. But I won’t.


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