Thursday Club #1

By December 13, 20026 Comments

I spent all night last night in the glorious company of long lost school friends, in a kind of once-in-a-while-when-we-can-be-bothered Thursday Club. After I had eventually rocked up at Paul D’s house in the horribly-named Penge (“it sounds like an affliction” I surmised), we ventured off to Kings Road to meet the others, and to visit Henry J Beans for a nosh-up, a TGI Fridays style eaterie with seriously big portions. The tube was a joy as usual, with Paul noting the odd phrase the train driver kept blurting: “Please use all available doors to enter the train.” “But that’s impossible!” cried Paul, “we’d spend all night going up and down the carriage.” We spent the first ten minutes flitting from a small round table to a larger round table to a lovely red booth, as well-fed customers gradually decided to swop their slightly better tables for the bitter cold of the street outside. Jac decided to rock up an hour late (after, admittedly, I completely forgot to inform him we were already in town), and then rampant reminiscing was in order. We discovered that, sadly, Jac was the only single one amongst us. We discovered that in hindsight we were really rather cruel to some of our schoolfriends. We discovered that a few of our school buddies were in fact “with child”. We discovered that Ed Mundy had a rather effeminate jumper. We discovered that when Paul was stating, “she looks ok, she goes ok”, he was in fact talking about his new car and not, as I thought, about his delightful girlfriend (“but enough about Liz” I shouted, entirely mistakenly). And we discovered that, in fact, we really ought to meet up more often.
Thanks to Paul D, who despite minimal organisation managed to cobble us together. I shall look forward to another jaunt, definitely.


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