2 emails

By December 12, 20022 Comments

Two interesting emails today (out of 54 distinctly ordinary ones). The first begins “Dear Big Boy, Big Boy2 just visited Figleaves and asked us to mention to you that they loved the Basic thong. Just so you know, your preferred size is large…” And so it goes on. The sheer cheek. I have a suspect in mind – I shall have my revenge remarkably soon.
The other email points out something that a couple of others have commented on – that this anniversary photo I took innocently a few months unintentionally reveals a little too much of your adoring Wibbler in the mirror. As the emailer kindly put it, “the words ‘beached’ and ‘whale’ came immediately to mind”. Charming. Seeing as it was Michelle and my one year anniversary, you are all very lucky I even had my trousers on…


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