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By November 21, 20023 Comments

Well, in a striking but purely contrived coincidence, not only has there been bits of a man surgically removed in a public autopsy (gaping audience included) in the last couple of days, but has been surgically removed from the generous hip of and is now a freestanding delight, paid for by the now fully flush Jonola. Tremendous.

You’ll notice it’s all been a bit sparse on lately. It’s frankly a struggle to find anything out of the ordinary that’s happened. Oh, apart from the first signs of my car packing up. It’s only been 6 months since I first purchased the RRN (really rather nippy) thing, but a loud noise in the front of the engine means its first longish stay in a Peugeot garage since it was built. It better be under guarantee, otherwise its no Christmas presents for anyone this year.


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