Nick’s surprise party

By June 22, 20024 Comments

Nick‘s surprise birthday party (in which we lured him on the inexplicably unrealistic “come and help get a piano out of a taxi” – what a large taxi that must have been…) was a huge success, culminating in Jac getting ‘married’ to a lovely blonde woman, with Simon H as the vicar (complete with wig), and the host’s mother losing her pants…
And I’m doing it all again tonight for Elli’s sister’s 21st. Christ, someone fetch the asprin…

Quotes of the moment (an idea blatantly stolen from Jac’s site):
Jac greeting a fully standing, 5’1″ Michelle: “Hello Michelle, nice to meet you, don’t get up.”
60 year old woman: “Has anyone seen my pants?”
Jac, hearing of a piano removal:”Does anyone have a piano shoe?”
Shunta, several minutes after the surprise party is revealed: “So, where’s this piano then?”


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