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Oooooooh, hectic (said in a Julian Clary voice). Last night, one of my colleagues from work entered a UK-wide DJ contest. She was the only female in the entire competition, which brought her a standing ovation for just walking up there. Now, I’m not the most ‘hip’ of guys, not the most deep daaan wicked sorted nice one geezer, so I wouldn’t know a good DJ if they came up and slapped me with a wet fish, but I have to admit she was the only one that got my feet tapping and my hips swinging, which probably didn’t help her cause in the slightest. Still, she won the heat, bless her socks, and she’s doing the regional finals next Tuesday. WELL DONE HER.
Oh, and Happy Birthday yesterday, Shunta.


  • shunta says:

    Yes it was my birthday. Well done me. Im also now the very proud owner of a small shopping trolley. I’ve lost another phone though… and a few million brain cells.

  • wibbler says:

    Christ, ANOTHER phone? You must either be very unlucky or constantly getting drunk. One of the two. It’s a tough call…

  • nick says:

    My votes with the latter.

  • Jonola says:

    I didn’t know you had any brain cells…?

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