Boy Racer.

By May 19, 20026 Comments

Did I mention I’ve got my new car? A spanker it is too. Last night, after 2 1/2 days of driving sensibly, I buckled. I rushed into my car, took it up to the A3, and thrashed up to the next junction and back, temporarily becoming one of the boy racers I’ve learned to hate during my limited driving career. 12 miles and 110+ miles per hour later, and I was back in Guildford, steam gently rising from the engine, and a slight smell of burnt tyre hanging in the air.
My work was done.


  • Jonola says:

    SENSIBLY?? So when you skidded from 70mph to an abrupt halt at that t-junction in Ewhurst the other day, you were driving SENSIBLY? Hooligan.

  • btezra says:

    I just test drove a Cooper Mni this weekend, and loved it. Should I not consider buying British car here in teh States, or just say what the hell and go nuts?

  • btezra says:

    errrrr it was actually a COOPER MINI (wish I could spell!)…4:20 has caught to me again, drats!

  • Wibbler says:

    btezra, go on, get a Mini! My ample frame can now finally squeeze into a Mini, and I went for a drive in one the other day. lots of fun…

  • nikki says:

    see–i’m bringing my people to your site. ain’t i the sweetest? i need a new car pronto!! any suggestions boys?

  • wibbler says:

    you are indeed the sweetest! Well done you, My ego loves you more than you could possibly imagine…

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