Hitler and the Bible

By May 14, 20023 Comments

I was sitting in the staff room this afternoon, idly prodding at a duck salad that had seen better days (probably when the duck was alive, I suppose) when, for want of anything better to do, I read aloud the latest asylum row in the UK (we have a similar scandal almost once a week at the moment, which is nice). The row this week concerned the asylum seekers just jumping on trains through the Channel Tunnel. And then a colleague, who I’d always had down as the sort that wouldn’t think twice about tearing around town on a drinking binge, bearing his genitals at a moments notice, suddenly said, “ah yes, Book of Revelations”. “Eh?” I enquired. “Well,” he said, and proceeded to tell me all about the Revelations chapter of the Bible, which details a disciple’s dream one night. The Middle Eastern unsettlement, the many races mixing as one, the problems with the immigrants – it was all detailed, more or less, in that chapter, so he said. As he moved on to Hitler’s legacy (I began to get a little unnerved at this point), I began to wonder if he had a point. After all, the Book of Revelations was a forewarning of the current warring factions, and the Channel Tunnel, in a roundabout way, was, along with the autobahns, Adolf Hitler’s way of preparing for the future. There was Hitler, asking as Transport Minister to build all sorts of fast, straight roads into other countries, and mooted a tunnel under the sea to the UK, and no-one suspected a thing. Then, all of a sudden, he rolled tanks down the blooming things to kill everyone. Incredibly cunning.
Now, you play with that particular rubber duck in your bathtub, and I’ll go get some sleep…


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