Test The Nation

By May 12, 20023 Comments

Half the British nation settled down with a warm mug of cocoa last night to find out just how low our IQs were in the BBC’s Test The Nation programme. It divided the audience into competing sections such as Builders, Teschers, Students, Blondes (guess where they came…) and so on. Your rather smug Wibbler came in with a rather astonishing IQ of 124 – astonishing not only because it’s 24 points over the average intellect (boast boast), but also because…. well, it’s me! By a happy coincidence, it turns out that Paul D was among the ‘test audience’ that was used before the show went live, and therefore phoned me up half way through the test to interupt my flow, the tyke. He claimed that he never found out his score – I shall always believe, therefore, that he’s nestling in the lower regions of the IQ table, just beneath the model Jordan and the ‘entertainer’ Harry Hill. But well above Tony Blair.

Anyway, during Paul’s update, he mentioned something that warmed the heart like a pig on a spit. Not only does he actually read the “hilarious” email forwards I send him every day by the dozen, but he even printed one out the other day and inflicted it on a table of onlookers at a dinner party! The poor fool, it’ll only encourage me…


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