Bath Trip

By April 29, 20022 Comments

Well, that WAS a fun weekend, all in all! Just come back from a three day jaunt to Bath, where we stayed in a cracking hotel, Dorian House and consumed enormous quantities of champagne (See?). With all the buildings looking exactly the same, and the truly awful one-way system, I managed to get lost just the twice, a vast improvement on previous visits. Well done me. We wined and dined at two restaurants (here’s number two) and finally managed on the third and final day to see the Roman Baths, which are, surprisingly, far more interesting than being just a luke-warm pool of water in the town centre. The whole city was NAMED after it, for crying out loud… The height of amusement came on our visit to the Moon and Sixpence restaurant, a distinctly posh place. during our starter, the lights dimmed dramatically, which we presumed was to heighten the romantic atmosphere, only for Michelle to pipe up rather loudly, “Anyone got 50p for the meter?” Splendid!


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