Twins, eh.

By March 12, 200216 Comments

It’s a tough one. I happen to go out with one of a set of twin sisters (both are my friends, though), and there’s the usual sister bickering, albeit slightly lopsided. My girlfriend tries to avoid arguments at all costs, whereas her sister doesn’t – resulting in said girlfriend accepting blame when it usually isn’t her fault. Unfortunately, it’s got more heated since Sunday, when, would you believe it, a huge argument started over the changing of a TV channel. Their mum gets involved, it all snowballs.
This more or less happens every week. Now, I have a choice: leave them all to it, try not to get involved, and watch my girlfriend cry every week, or actually defend her (surely that is only fair?!) by weighing in with my two-pennies worth. There’s a fine line between acting in your friends’ best interests, and your girlfriends’ best interests. I’ve done the first option for 11 months – today I did the second. Their mum was notified of my comments. I’m due to see them all tomorrow night. This could run and run…


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