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By March 12, 2002One Comment

A real audio and visual treat yesterday. I saw Ocean’s Eleven at the Odeon in Guildford last night, and by golly it was good. I’ve never seen the original, but if it’s anywhere near the remake, it should be worth watching. Now, I’ve only got to see Monsters Inc. and I’ll be happy as a happy thing. Music wise, I got the new album from Alanis Morissette through the letter box yesterday morning, and that’s cracking too. Buy it. And see the film, too. Go on, I know you want to be just like me.

One Comment

  • Sarah says:

    oooh, I’ve seen that film, it’s very good! not as keen on Alanis, though, but each to their own…
    On another note, there seems to be a lack of comments in the last few days – come on, people!

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