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By February 5, 20024 Comments

2 corkers for you tonight:

What do you call a Frenchman in sandals?
Philippe Pheloppe.

Last night I dreamt I had written ‘Lord Of The Rings’.

This morning I realised I’d just been Tolkein in my sleep.


  • Devian says:

    Son une bonne plaisanterie! J’aime votre site, m?me si je lutte avecles mots parfois!

  • Wibbler says:

    Goodness, a frenchman! Who’s have thought! A translation please, Jac…

  • Jac says:

    Translation? Righty ho…. ‘The astronomic dramatisation of this website has suitably enhanced the already elevated quality of such intellectual reading. Frequent categorisations and colloquial slang are not personally conducive to fluent translation but, nevertheless, I adhere to your pleas for repeated attendance at this rather entertaining website.’

  • D'erceville says:

    Poor Devian or should i write pauvre d?viant, car il apparait fort clairement que le commentaire livr? ? notre entendement ne peut pr?tendre ? aucun moment provenir d’une personne sachant un tant soit peu la langue de Moli?re . Ceci dit , lecteur assidu de votre site , j’en appr?cie son contenu , sans trop de “lutte ” (that was irrepressibly funny ….) . FYI : Nice site, with very surprising comments and some inappropriate use of an automatic translator sometimes! All The best…

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