Wigged Wonders

By December 9, 2001One Comment

Well, the large Texas BBQ pizza from Dominos really did the trick at lunchtime, so I’ve been feeling well enough to upload several pictures from last night, involving us, the Wigged Wonders. Shortly after these pictures were taken, we entered The Drink nightclub, where Jac was mobbed by 3 women and ended up half naked, and both shunta claus and Jac pulled. Which is a surprise.

And did I mention shunta claus and I saw Phill Punter, estranged friend, in Bar Med in Guildford on Saturday, looking very serious indeed? No, I thought I didn’t…

One Comment

  • Jess says:

    Hi i know Phill Punter, met him one night, a great laugh, and always has a good time.

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