I’ve gone all minimal

By June 22, 2010June 30th, 2010No Comments

Hi! Remember me? 9 years of blogging has kinda exhausted me, I guess. I’m still LIVING, of course, but I guess my first thought after I do stuff isn’t, “ohmygod, I *MUST* tell everyone!” Now I’m over 30, it’s more, “Well, this calls for a good sit down. Oooh, my back…”

So, to reflect the fact that there’s less wibbler.com, The site’s gone all minimal. In fact, I’m still doing a whole lot else. My web development outfit Wiredfusion officially became a company a few months ago – the popularity is getting a little intense, but hey, I can’t complain. And Boriswatch is still the media-drawing behemoth of my dreams. And there are plenty of other personal sites in the background, just waiting for a chance to shine. 5000 of you fine people for some reason seem to visit InstantTumbleweed every month, for example…

So, anyway. Enough of me. Let’s get on with empire-building and family-building and me-building. Cos there can never be enough me, and that’s an egotistical FACT.

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