David Ford, or Newton Faulkner?

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As I sit here listening to Spotify in front of a pile of CD albums, I’m trying to write convincingly that music isn’t a big part of my life. Contrary to a lot of people – Michelle listens to music whenever she can, and my Sony-employed recent best man Jac has a musical knowledge that would give Jools Holland a run for his money – I can go for days without hearing any music at all. I can drive for an hour or two without the radio on, just taking in the surroundings. I think it’s something to do with my obsession for the future – recorded music sometimes just reminds me of all the exciting stuff that must have happened since the song was made.
Live music, however, grabs my attention. Friends and family will know I go to see David Ford whenever I get the opportunity (I even run his fan site…), and I’m a little worried that I’ve been spoiled by him – nothing can really get better than his raw and powerful talent and stage presence. Newton Faulkner‘s like that too – a talent that doesn’t totally come across on the screen or on the radio. He’s funny, engaging – and an incredibly skillful, little tyke with a guitar.
So, my dilemma is this – for my birthday, should I go and see David Ford or Newton Faulkner? Handy live videos below for the undecided…

Newton Faulkner (better version here on the BBC site):
(click here to scoot down to David Ford)

David Ford:

Which one?!

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