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The Happy Couple!

The Happy Couple! (click to enlarge)

Well, who’d have thought.

It’s been 2922 days since Michelle and I started going out. And by now we should be married and about to tuck in to a feast at the reception.

In the (exactly) eight years we’ve known each other, I’ve found the meaning of that incredibly cheesy phrase that Tom Cruise uttered in Jerry Maguire: “You Complete Me.” Cheesy, but true. As I’ll say in my speech, Michelle really is the most genuine, caring, full-of-love person I have met, forever worrying about everyone else but herself. I am lucky to have met her, and now we have the whole life ahead together. It’s an intoxicating feeling.

I hope, actually, that we complete each other. I hope that I support her enough to warrant her support of me – and I hope that we continue to grow as we career disgracefully towards middle age.

So, on with the eating, drinking, speeching and dancing! There’ll be magicians, videographers, photographers, enormous chocolate fountains, a caricature and 170 people cavorting around and having fun! We’re surrounded by friends and family that have helped make us who we are today – and that, apart from the vows, is the most important thing, after all…


  • The McCombes says:

    What an amazing day ! We wish you love, laughter and happy ever after….


  • Jonathan says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  • Stephane says:

    Simon & Michelle,

    Congratulations for your wedding ! I do know it’s a bit belated as i discovered today only (as abroad for work…) that you are probably in Thailand for now 🙂 It’s a nice country to have quite a change too , i suppose !

    I wish you both many , many Years of Love together 🙂



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