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By June 21, 2008One Comment

DSC_0043.JPG A song I’ve grown to love from the very first time I heard it 15 minutes ago (!) – “Say” by John Mayer.

Disclaimer: I actually first heard it on Alex’s site.
Disclaimer: In fairness, Jac has been raving about John Mayer for ages, but I callously ignored him…

One Comment

  • Jac says:

    I saw John Mayer at Hard Rock Calling a couple of weeks ago. He was AMAZING. It is criminal that he is so unknown over here.

    And when headliner Eric Clapton brought him out to play on ‘Crossroads’ as the finale for the evening, it was one of the most incredible musical experiences of my life. Totally awesome.

    I have also met John Mayer.

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