Baldy inspires to the end

By June 19, 2008No Comments

Awesome – this is officially the low point in post frequency on! And it’s ironic that it’s another blog’s epic posts that have prompted me into action.
A month or so ago, I watched BBC Breakfast through half-closed eyes, attempting to find the will to get up. A guy of roughly my age was grinning and talking through my haze, and then he mentioned the word “blog”. It is like a technological red rag to a bull for me – this must be about geeky stuff! I sat up and listened.
In fact, it was something much more inspiring than that. Adrian Sudbury, the guy talking, has leukemia. In fact, it’s worse than that – he has two forms of it, running at the same time, making him both unique in the world and one of the unluckiest men I’ve heard of. He had been maintaining a blog all about his experiences, in order to document hope and inspiration for other sufferers when he got better. Unfortunately – very unfortunately – this eloquent, well-meaning guy had just learnt that the fight was over. He was going to die.
He still blogs – in fact, he blogs more than me (not hard), despite the increasing suffering he describes. It’s more inspiring than distressing. The blog is called Baldy’s Blog and it is in turns funny, uplifting, informative and distressing. I urge you to read and subscribe to it – before its too late.

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