Information Junkie

By December 21, 2007No Comments

Michelle has a information junkie for a fiancée. I’m never without something to read or watch – a daily newspaper, a magazine, BBC News 24 – I can’t stop learning. I even have a load of fiction, self-development and productivity books that, ironically, I never get around to reading.
Until, about a month ago, a brainwave hit me. I have a lot of books, and I have a lot of time spent in my car, travelling the length and breadth of Europe. A solution – audiobooks! After all, my godfather has run an audio bookstore for years. After I managed to shake off the image that audiobooks are for elderly people in armchairs, I searched for some MP3s of the books I’ve currently got on my “waiting to be read” shelf. And so it is that, in addition to the newspapers magazine and TV news programmes that festoon our house, I’m now “reading” a book a week on the road. My brain will explode shortly, I’m sure…

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