In defence of priorities

By December 1, 2007March 1st, 20092 Comments

DecisionsPeekaboo! Yep, here at Wibbler Towers, I’ve awoken from my slumber and plonked another post up here.

Well, “awoken” would probably be the wrong word. And “slumber”, in fairness, is a complete misnomer. To tell the truth, things have never been busier, and I’ve been caught in an endless cycle of tasks and fun. wibbler.com has obviously suffered a great deal – but the problem is this. When I’m out and about, I think of things to put up here. I get home, start to write, and then think: “actually, there are other things much more important than this – what about those bills I have to pay? What about that shelf that needs to go up? What about that other site that could be a potential cash cow? Shouldn’t I be doing those other things first?!” And so, agreeing with myself, off I trot and do something else. True, it has spawned a whole load of new and shiny things. There are new shelves! The lawn has been mowed! And in the online world, beautiful things have appeared from the coalface of my desk – DavidFordFans.com, DavidWilletts.org.uk, Crazyclobber.co.uk and QEPark.co.uk to name but four.

But, for better or worse, here I am. I’ve managed to find Todoist – a great tool for writing everything down and doing them without forgetting – as well as other handy tips from ZenHabits and Lifehacker that have helped me clear the workload. And that, dear reader, is how this post has arrived.

I’m back. Ish.


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