Matchbox Twenty returns

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I first discovered Matchbox Twenty when Jac called me up and told me that his ears were glowing from listening to their song “Long Day“. Since that moment, I’ve been a firm fan. They’re mainstream pop/rock, have never really been promoted over here and are sometimes derided over in America, where they’re sometimes seen as a bit bland. No matter though – they’ve sold 39 million albums so far and their lead singer Rob Thomas has written for the Rolling Stones, Santana and Chris Daughtry among others, so they can’t be all bad!
In fact they’re not bad in any way. And after a year long break (while Rob Thomas released his own album) they’re back with a corking song How Far We’ve Come. Here it is (there’s more below the video):
[youtube][/youtube] And, thanks to Youtube, there’s always someone doing their own cover. Here’s one which is a tad special – not least because he’s managed to work out the lyrics and guitar tabs himself…

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