Raunchy Revelations

By June 10, 20072 Comments

A horrifying piece of news flashed across my bow the other week. Searching for “keycracker” on the internet – no, best not to ask why – I stumbled on a site with some rather raunchy adverts for flesh-ridden videos. And as I looked closer – well, it would be rude not to – my heart quickened. I thought I’d actually recognised one of the scantily-clad women staring back at me. Surely not?
I casually mentioned this to my friend Adam a couple of weeks ago – and after he purchased the advertised video “for research”, he can confirm that the adult actress Rio is actually an old college friend called Tallulah, who I always remember as being good-looking and knowing it. She went to a convent school, which figures. There was never a skirt short enough for her, and frankly we didn’t mind too much.
Adam has offered to send me the video, but I’ve politely declined, on account that such a freaky experience might make me a little ill.
Still, the news will certainly prove a nice icebreaker down the pub…


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