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By June 1, 2007June 2nd, 20076 Comments

So, dilemma time. I’m not good with decisions – I analyse every conceivable option and check I’m getting the best possible thing, which annoys the hell out of Michelle. My company car choice is always a bit of a groaner – there are so many options, so many things to thing about. And so, dear reader, I’m enlisting your help this weekend. I’ve settled on the Lexus IS250. I’ve even settled on the spec, which was no mean feat.

But the colour decision is the final hurdle – which do you like better? The left is Windsor Blue, the right is Cadoxton Slate – click them to expand…

Lexus IS220 - Windsor BlueLexus IS220 - Cadoxton Slate


  • Matthew says:

    The blue. Yum

  • Shunter says:

    Cadoxton Slate in my opinion is a hands down winner…

  • krew says:

    I would go for the Cadoxton Slate. It’s a better look than the blue, and will always look cleaner, so you won’t have to worry about car washes as much (touchless only!).

  • Elli says:

    I’d definitely go for the slate. It’s utterly glorious!

  • Wibbler says:

    Elli – welcome, old thing! I’ve had so many replies to this, about 22 in all, and I’m afraid it’s 11 each…

  • tyger says:

    Normally I would never say grey, but that slate is not so bad. On balance though, always go blue or black.

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