Line Rider – a masterpiece

By May 21, 2007No Comments

A while ago, lonely and bored in a hotel room in Switzerland, I found Line Rider, a free online skiing game. To play it, you have to draw lines which a miniature skier will ski down, and the aim is to not make him fall over. So far, so boring, I hear you say. Stuck in a hotel room, it’s actually very addictive, I’m sad to report. I thought after 20 minutes of playing that I wasn’t bad at all. Until tonight, when I found this annoyingly brilliant site. It’s a ruddy masterpiece – although whoever did it has surely got a lot of spare time on their hands…
P.S. I’m well aware I’ve sometimes got an unusual taste in music, but I quite like the backing track on this one. It’s called “I’ll Be Yours”, by Ilse de Lange.

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