Another soldier lost…

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Chris JanawayAs I sat and watched the news this morning. munching toast and wondering what the day held, the major crash on the M25 caught my attention. As they detailed the horrific carnage, I thought to myself, “one of these days, it’ll be someone I know…”

As it happens, it was. Tonight, David B phoned to ask if I knew someone called Chris Janaway from college. I did – he was a cheery, aloof but very friendly guy, always smiling and sharing a joke. We shared jokes, nights out and even met since then by accident in the street or at a gathering. It turns out that he was one of the people in the minibus, coming back from a stag night that ended in horrible twisted metal.

And so ends another friend’s life. They seem to mounting up a little…

Update: Surrey Police statement, Family pay tribute to Chris

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