All hooked up, nowhere to go…

By April 7, 20072 Comments

So, the aftermath of The Engagement announcement was enjoyable! Most people said it was about time, others were amazed that I’d started settling down, and Jac tried to guess the event from my mysterious non-committal “I have news” email to him. “Before looking at the answer,” he wittered on, “let’s take the following facts into mind: Valentine’s Day has just passed, you spent the weekend in Bath, you have bought a house together, you’ve been with Michelle for longer than I have been with all my girlfriends put together. You must be engaged. SPLENDID. Now, let’s just check…”
And the rest of the people? Well, amusingly some seemed to be using my commitment-phobia as justification that they shouldn’t settle down themselves. That’s pulled the rug, hasn’t it.. 😉
Still, what I didn’t realise is that as soon as an engagement is announced, everyone asks, “Do you have a date for the wedding?”. God knows I’m not the best planner in the world, and of course the answer is “no”. However, to get a date, you need to know a venue, and to get a venue you need to know what kind of wedding you want. I may well be using my friend and Event Manager Extraordinaire Paul D regularly, and my Best Man status at Nick’s wedding in October will be a useful learning ground. Where on earth do you start, though? seems as good a place as any. And, as many will know, my decision-making is legendarily lengthy – so any advice from you guys would be great…


  • Jac says:

    my advice (not that I am in any position to be advising) would be to let Michelle take the lead. The day of her wedding is the biggest day in any girl’s life (I read it somewhere), she will have dreamt about it since the age of 7 and she will therefore have an idea of what she wants it to be like (I read that too).

    You just need to pay for it.

    Good luck.

  • dollypops says:

    Did I tell you it would start the ball rolling and there would be no stopping it! Maybe not in those words. But I remember my office colleague – blue touch paper and all that! But I know of no other Little Lady who would give you such unconditional love and you to her. “SLOW” is a very fashionable word these days. Save your money and your time together for yourselves – those that love you both do not need great expressions of those two things. Small is beautiful – you know that. Just wish I was!!!!!

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