The Matrix

By February 20, 20074 Comments

Jac’s never been one for skipping lightly over decisions. Yesterday, he was offered a new job, one which offered yet more options for him to ponder over. After debating them to himself over MSN with me, he came up with a solution: “I might do a spreadsheet listing the positives and the negatives, with a Spearman’s rank coefficient weighting matrix“.
Will someone please become his girlfriend before he implodes?


  • Matthew says:

    I would be most interested in the correlational non-parametric analysis of this job cost/benefit comparison, but could I ask it be considered as an arbitrary monotonic function of the datasets. Please. Thankyou. I can do this: I’m married already.

  • Shunter says:

    Jac, I always stuck up for you when anyone ever said “Cranleigh School tos**rs”. Don’t start letting me down now…

  • Milly says:

    what can I say…..more geeky than me 🙂

  • Jac says:

    well, after data mining from several considered sources, and by taking a margin of error assumption of 5%, the parameters denote a strong correlation between career progression and the new employment opportunity. However, when the emotional functionality is introduced at the calculatory phase, there is a direct impact on the seventh decimal place. It remains a quandry.

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