Television saves lives

By June 25, 2006No Comments

I’ve never been into taking holidays very much, which tends to infuriate the hell out of Michelle. I’m in the minority, of course – most people love to get away to sunnier climes, forgetting their troubles while the dips various toes to warm seaside water. I don’t have many troubles, though, and so I’m more than happy to sit and while away my days working and playing in and around Guildford. I do travel a lot for work nowadays, which means I’m even less likely to want to go away on my time off – which again doesn’t help Michelle’s hankering for all things sunny. So, I agreed to a holiday this year for a week or two. We selected a destination, a five-star hotel and organised some time off work.
Luckily, we jacked in the holiday idea and bought an enormous 40inch television instead. And why, you ask, is that lucky? Well, we’d booked a nice hotel in Antalya, Turkey – where it seems Turkish bombers have been quite happy to sow their seeds recently

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