Streetwars – The London Game

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An email plopped into my inbox this morning from good friend Jon, heralding what could be the best idea I’ve seen to date. It’s called StreetWars and is billed as a three week long, 24/7, watergun assassination tournament played in real life on the city streets. If that doesn’t appeal to your inner child, I don’t know what will!
People who sign up for the game get details of other players work and home addresses, and have to work out a way to “assassinate” them. The London game is due to start in a few weeks – and I was so ready to sign up until I learned I had to work and live in London to join. So, if you up for a load of fun, live and work in London, and ignore the potential of random people having your contact details, sign up now!


  • Tina says:

    I love a good game 🙂 This is however a step too far for me.

    Take a step out of your priveleged cushy life for a moment and switch on the news. Hundreds of innocent people die at the end of a gun every day … sometimes for food, sometimes for survival and sometimes to make sure we can keep living our cushy lives.

    I think this is in very bad taste 🙁

    In my opinion playing this game would make a direct mockery of the hardship and struggle most of the rest of the world has to survive everyday.

    Not for me

  • gooner says:

    lighten up you miserable cow

  • BillyS says:

    A little harsh maybe gooner but the sentiment is there.

    It’s about time you look past the tiny tiny minority who are in the news and realise that the entire world isn’t such a bad place. For the few who are having a bad time of it, good luck, let me know if i can do something. This isn’t about replicating war it’s about some adults having fun. If there was more of it about then maybe everyone wouldnt be so screwed up.

    So Tina, lighten up.

    BTW I’m in !

  • jonathan brown says:

    Hi BillyS,
    I’m writing a piece for the independent on the first day of streetwars. if you’re available for an interview to tell me how it’s going, get in touch.

  • mike d says:

    I played a version on the game in chicago and although i know what Tina is saying its a bit of a stretch. There is a lot of silly games and entertainment that involves killing and violence (not to mention ALL sports.) In actually playing the game what I found was that it hightens your awareness. You notice every person, every car on your street, you think about the world in a slightly different way. When I got killed I was sad because everytime you walk out the door, you feel a rush. Not the kind of rush you would feel in a war torn country, of course, but more like if your playing a game. Cause it’s like, ya know, a game.
    Check out the website from our game..the ‘journal of death’ is pretty funny, in that our moderator took serious liberties so even we couldn’t tell what really happened and what he made up…

  • mike d says:


  • ADS316 says:

    jonathan brown

    Get in touch, I am still in the game

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